Mark Anthony L.L.C.M. (T.D), A.L.C.M. - Violin & String Teacher - Est. 1981

Welcome to the info pages regarding teaching courses. Costs are usually available through an appointment in person based on a personal service, which can be tailored to the precise needs and affordability of an individual’s circumstances, thereby the correct course with the suitable time duration can be arranged.

Mark Anthony is a professionally trained and highly experienced violin teacher, having run a busy practice since October 1981.

Lessons usually take the format of 1-2-1 with the option of group tuition of two people or more. Ages taught range from around 3 up to 100+.

Many children and adults of very mature ages have achieved considerable success in graded examinations 1-8, acquiring good passes including merits and distinctions. The usual examinations board is The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music or A.B.R.S.M. for short.

Lessons are usually arranged for weekly appointments on a set day and time; but due to peoples’ busy lives as a help, there is a degree of flexibility over the schedule of the appointment of that week’s lesson.

Beginners, experienced, advanced and those aspiring to take diplomas and degrees are all catered for.

Each lesson is treated by the teacher as an enjoyable master class, whether teaching a raw starter on their first lesson or a student looking for the final polish to taking an advanced certificate or diploma.

Understandably the prime purpose why people take up playing a musical instrument is for enjoyment, albeit needing to commit to practicing regularly to progress satisfactorily. Without that, no progress means no success and no enjoyment, even for teacher! Encouragement is abundant here for would be students showing three essential components in commitment consisting of 'mind, body and soul'. However, there is a fourth element in a student’s potential success story which concerns good equipment. Further details of our instrument and bow supply are found by clicking on 'About Us'.

Studying very high quality technical skills on how to play properly and well from the beginning is the cornerstone to success when taking instruction from Mark Anthony. Without sound technique, development in playing is sooner or later handicapped.

Students are also encouraged to play and perform with others, perhaps also other family members who had thought of taking up an instrument but until then may have been shy or uncertain of their abilities. A warm welcome is always given to students who have possible handicaps to playing. An assessment is made and where possible, a course can be recommended. Although there is an emphasis on classical music, other forms of violin music repertoire can be studied including orchestral, duets, chamber, film, traditional folk and those annual carols! There is usually a type of music to suit most peoples’ preferences.

Possible appointments for lesson times are available usually by the hour as follows: - Monday-Friday between 9am -9pm. Saturdays between 9am -5pm.

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