Centurion Violins was set up in 1993 to offer a very different kind of personal service in the trade of fine instruments and bows of the violin family available to both musicians and collectors.
Although there are various High Street general music shops offering modern and reasonable quality student instruments, a specialist violin establishment like us supply quality old instruments at competitive retail prices.
As shops and dealers do not usually involve themselves in instrumental teaching, we felt that to give the student, player or teacher the option of buying from a fellow professional teacher and musician with hands-on practical knowledge of a particular instrument or bow's playing qualities would be highly invaluable.
Here at Centurion Violins a beginner or an advanced player can sign up for excellent high quality tuition with the additional opportunity to choose amongst a variety of equipment if so required. There are also fine instruments and bows available for teachers, professional players and soloists. We are always looking to purchase old instruments and bows where available for stock. Any condition can be considered.
Very skilful and experienced professional restorers are engaged in servicing and repairs of stock. Their work is guaranteed at all times.
Instruments usually available are primarily from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. Many of which have been made in England, France, Germany and Scotland, with the occasional example from Italy.
Bows are available for beginners, advanced or professional players, usually made in England, France and Germany and available as nickel, silver or gold mounted Pernambuco sticks.
Following an initial purchase from us, there is the option for a future upgrade with a full part-exchange when spending at least 100% on the new acquisition. A key benefit of purchasing an instrument from us, allows people who desire tuition to acquire a set of free sessions as a package deal. More information about this and latest offers can be found by making an appointment by telephone.
Sales appointments can usually be arranged at short notice where possible.

Open at various times: Monday-Friday 9am-9pm. Saturday 9am-6pm.
Sundays and Bank Holidays: Some afternoons.

Mark Anthony L.L.C.M.(T.D); A.L.C.M. - Teacher & Director

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